Saturday, June 23, 2007

Jib, Dolly, Remote-Control Pan/Tilt

I've recently built a jib using laser-cut parts and hardware from Home Depot. The jib can extend to a total length of about 16 feet. It uses circular wood discs at the pivot points to provide smooth, stable motion.

The jib can be used with a remote-control pan/tilt head, also built mostly with laser-cut parts. The pan/tilt head uses heavy-duty RC servos attached to external gear boxes. Both servos are modified to rotate continuously. The pan-tilt head can be supported from below or hung from above (the jib supports both options). To do this, the camera part is rotated 180 degrees.

The camera attaches using a custom mounting plate. Future camera rigs will use the same mounting system, so the camera can quickly be moved from one device to another.

The jib can ride on a laser-cut dolly that I built laser year. This dolly can ride on professional dolly track, including curved track. We used the jib with the dolly on a rooftop in Manhattan for a shoot a week ago.

I hope to return to the helicopter project this summer.


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